I stayed at Belcampo Lodge with my doughter for 6 days in February 2017. We loved the location, the activities and the very friendly staff at the Lodge led by Ross and Mary-Ann who manage the Lodge on behalf of its owner.

The Lodge is very comfortable and luxurious however it is not Four Seasons or Aman standard. It has 16 separte suites/mini villas standing on a hill and overlooking jungle with views reaching the Bay of Honduras. The suites have enormous bathrooms overlookng jungle. it is a great place to simply relax with a book by the pool or undertake many activities available at the lodge including river cruise, snorkeling, fly fishing, canoeing, jungle walks, horse riding, bird watching, and visiting the on-site farm (which includes a cocoa-to-chociolate making class) and the town of Punta Gorda. There are also good half day excursions to nearby villages, waterfalls and Mayan temples although they are not as attractive as eg. Tikal or some of the famous locations in Mexico.

We loved a half day boat cruise via Rio Grande River to the Bay of Honduras with snorkeling led by Capitain Jackie. We saw a unique combination of fresh and salt water animals including crocodiles, dolphins and sting rays and even a nurse shark. The impression of the river cruise is similar to sailing on one the the rivers in the Brasil’s Amazon Region.

The suites are very spacious and comfortable. We also liked the food whihc is produced from local ingredients most of which are grown at the Lodge’s farm.

The new Ridge Suites have spectacular top of the hill location and a separate pool which may be an interesting option for families and group travellers.

The nearby town of Punta Gorda is interesting however it is not something to consider a highlight of a visit to the Toledo District in southern Belize. it is simple laid back Carribean town.

We also found interesting that it is possible to take a short boat ride to Gwatemala and continue via road to Gwatemala city. There is also a land border crossing although the traffic is limited and security not certain I understand.

Overall very good stay however i would recommend it is combined with a stay in one of the beach locations in Belize or Caribbean as esp children may become a bit bored with the jungle location after activities.