Our family of five recently visited Belcampo Lodge for a week. I have to admit, the day we arrived I had a minor freak-out that we had made a big mistake because 1) I was afraid our one year old would fall off of one of the incredibly steep drop offs and 2) I was afraid our five and seven year olds would be bored with no other kids around to play with.

Let me tell you – I was worried for nothing! We did have to be careful not to let the little one run around in many areas, but it really wasn’t so different from our usual level of vigilance walking down the street (we live in a busy urban area with lots of traffic). The Lodge was even able to arrange for babysitting for him for a couple of days, which was so nice, and allowed us to do some more adventurous stuff with the big kids. He was also able to run around a lot inside our accommodation (the Family Villa), which was HUGE, with two screened porches, and all on one level. Best of all, he was treated like a little prince by every single person there – often being picked up, sung to, and played with – he loved it!

Despite being basically the only family with kids there all week, we were not bored for a second! Mary Ann and the staff at the front desk put together an itinerary geared just for us, with something new and different every day. Our favorite memories are: Mark and Dwayne trading riddles with the kids at breakfast, Ducky’s banana rickeys, Desmond’s jokes and seemingly endless knowledge of local history and wildlife, seeing dolphins up close on Captain Jack’s boat, Melita’s warm smile, holding brand new baby chicks with Elon at the farm, and Chef Renee whipping up our dinner extra fast because our exhausted kids were falling asleep at the dinner table. Honestly, I think our kids learned more in this week than they do in a month at school. It’s a trip we will never forget. Thanks so much to the whole Belcampo family!