The sum of the parts makes Belcampo Belize one of those special places; the parts being:
* The lodge is perfectly suited to it’s rainforest hill-top terrain as the reception/bar & lobby area open to this
secluded setting.
* The meals are beautifully served on open decks that continue the lobby’s extension.
* The staff, which is like a family, are personable and efficient.
* The Suites have screened in porches with hammocks and bedrooms that are spacious with just enough furnishings; in other words, not cluttered.
* The bathroom sinks could be better; however, the showers are what you hope for in a tropical setting – large with colorful tiles & a big exterior window.
* The spectacular, spacious & beautifully furnished Ridge Suites with wraparound porches and an infinity swimming pool. Yes, the bathtubs also enjoy the spectacular infinity views.
* The lodge pool area is comfortable and exactly where you gravitate to relax.
* Just adjacent thereto is the spa, which received great comments from our fellow travelers.
* Belcampo per se isn’t a resort, you’re meant to get out and about – a host of activities including fishing, snorkeling with the Chief, birding, hiking, learning how to make chocolate. This is a great venue for families as there are also many activities for children.
* Farm to table – 70% of the food served is produced on site; you can visit many of it’s farming venues.
* You can find all this on their web site.

Belcampo sits on a hill in a tropical rainforest and access is via a long and bumpy road with potholes. Please expect not everything operates like being in Switzerland. Yes, there are bugs, but they really didn’t bother us;
a range of sprays are provided in the rooms. That housekeeping manages at a high level of service is a tribute to their dedication. Oh yes, they can do your laundry daily.

I am indebted to Andrew Harper’s positive review which led me to Belcampo!