Join Ben and Hilly of Nadi Yogi on a deep dive into functional movement, anatomy, joint health, yoga and meditation. Enjoy movement, yoga and meditation practices daily as well as three in-depth workshops focusing on healthy, functional and evidence based ways to move your body effectively while resolving painful compensation patterns.

An all-inclusive six-night, seven-day stay at Copal Tree Lodge including fresh, wholesome meals, local alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, and miles of lush green Belizean jungle.



February 3rd – February 9th, 2019
Sunday – Saturday

$2,390 USD per person, double occupancy
$2,990 USD per person, single occupancy

February 3rd - February 9th, 2019

  • Seven-days, six-night stay in a Jungle Suite
  • Three fresh organic vegan plant based meals with 70% of the food sourced from the Copal Tree Farm
  • Local alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Local flights (to and from BZE to Punta Gorda)
  • Daily yoga, meditation, movement with Ben and Hilly
  • Three in-depth functional movement workshops
  • Time for adventure, reflection and recharge in a supportive community
  • Farm tour geared towards holistic health and organic farming
  • Guided hike on Copal Tree Lodge’s 2,000 acre reserve

Eco Jungle Lodge

Copal Tree Lodge is set in the verdant hills in southern Belize. The definition of agritourism-chic: it’s a jungle lodge, organic farm, and a 12,000 acre nature reserve. Copal Tree Lodge offers the best in local food and culture, active adventures, wildlife viewing, saltwater fly fishing, and world-class hospitality. A full-service resort with two swimming pools, spa, farm-to-table restaurant, on-site rum distillery, organic coffee and sugar farms, and more. Each of the seventeen suites have a breathtaking view of the jungle. Copal Tree Lodge offers an all-inclusive package allowing guests to indulge in all the resort has to offer. 

Through connection to our Mayan heritage, we value our land, food, and wildlife conservation. Over 70% of the food served at our resort restaurant is grown organically at our on-site farm. In addition, our resource and energy-consumption programs include rainwater collection and use of solar panels. 

Retreat Journey

Daily yoga and meditation led by Ben and Hilly along with three in-depth workshops

Workshop 1
Functional Movement Assessment and Joint Dynamics

Have you ever wondered whether or not certain poses or movements were safe for your joints? In this workshop we will be studying joint mechanics, load capacity and joint injury mitigation. You can expect to walk away with functionally sound techniques for body reading and identifying the capacity of your joints and those of your students. This workshop will be well suited for yoga and movement teachers or the movement and yoga enthusiast. We will discuss what it means to have a well-functioning joint for enhanced movement capacity and longevity.

Workshop 2
Humans in an Asymmetrical World
  • Why is does my left hamstring always feel tight?
  • Why is my right lower back always seizing up?
  • Why do my shoulder never feels strong in chatturanga?

In this workshop we will delve into some common injuries, how to heal from them and what to do in order to prevent them and help others do the same. We’ll learn about the physiological healing process and what to do to enhance our body’s ability to heal. Nothing about life is symmetrical and that includes us. With this in mind there are a great deal of techniques that we can utilize to be aware of asymmetries and what to do to keep them in check or even use them to our advantage. You will leave this workshop with concrete information that you will carry with you for years to come and learn how to limit the likelihood of injuries in the future.

Workshop 3
The Liberated Spine in Motion

The human spine is a work of art… and in some ways a divine mystery. No more! Our spine arguably houses one of the most important parts of our body; our spinal cord. Our spinal cord essentially feeds the rest of our body and provides valuable information about where our bodies are in space. The freedom of movement we have in our spine will help determine how well the rest of our body moves. In this course we will learn the anatomy of the spine and find out why things like spinal flexion help us backbend more effectively. We will also do some spinal analysis and learn how to identify which parts of our spines are moving well and which parts need specific work. You can expect to know which specific protocols you should apply for your particular spine but also learn how to body read other peoples spines so that you can help them. Our spines are too important to leave the quality of movement to chance… don’t guess, assess!

Hilly Flora's Bio

Hilly Flora is a bodyworker/LMT/Yoga instructor. She first came to the practice of yoga at the University of New Mexico while getting her bachelor’s degree in philosophy and religion. What started as an intellectual pursuit quickly became integrated and balanced with the physical practice of asana in 2002. Her foundations are rooted in both Iyengar and Ashtanga which she continues to practice. She has been teaching yoga since 2006 and views her practice as a path of self inquiry. Both her practice and her teaching continue to evolve as she continues to gain insight and understanding in the discipline of yoga and functional movement. Throughout her career she has always felt pulled to what she calls the “Mother Work” of nurturing and aiding others along their practice and path. She is vegan and wishes that all beings may be happy and free from suffering. As a bodyworker she is intuitively guided and practices a combination of structural integration, deep tissue and craniosacral modalities. Her Dona International doula training and the home-birth of her son Ziya in 2014 deepened her fascination and devotion to understanding what it means to truly be at home in ones body through a life time of giving, taking, trauma and bliss. Functional movement, intelligent asana, breath and bodywork are all combined in Hilly’s classes, workshops and private sessions. Her style of teaching is direct, anatomically precise, nurturing and humorous.

Ben Heath's Bio

Ben Heath is a bodyworker/massage therapist and experienced yoga instructor with a combined 12,000+ hours of hands on manual therapy work and yoga instruction. He’s led yoga retreats, taught at national and international yoga festivals, and guided more than 175 aspiring yoga practitioners through numerous teacher trainings/practicing enhancement programs with his wife Hilly Flora. His yoga and bodywork practice was born out of necessity after an automobile accident nearly took his life and landed him in the hospital for almost a month. Ben is honestly and thoroughly obsessed with the functional anatomy and the many dynamic way to move the human body. On retreat you will have access to his 20 year obsession and the many ways he’s learned to heal and move the body.

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