Copal Tree Lodge is committed to conserving the natural beauty of Belize, which is why we maintain an on-site farm. Here, we produce 70% of the food served to guests, showcasing a true farm-to-table dining experience you can’t get anywhere else. If it’s not made at the Lodge, food served at the Garden Table is sourced directly from other high-quality local producers. Drinks at the Rum Bar are crafted with the same approach in mind, utilizing freshly squeezed juices, coconuts, limes, exotic fruits, and fresh herbs. For a more hands-on culinary experience, enjoy one of the Lodge’s many agritourism offerings.

The Farm – the Heart of Copal Tree

Copal Tree Lodge is dedicated to developing lasting economic stability in Southern Belize through agriculture. Sugar Cane, Cacao and Coffee are being grown organically by local people who are paid fair wages, and treated with fairness and respect.

We produce on-site more than 70% of the food we serve to our Lodge guests. With extensive gardens, tropical fruit trees, and livestock, our day-to-day food production is a hive of activity year round. Join our farm staff for a visit to our egg mobile. Be entertained by our feasting, playful lambs. Visit our Cocktail Garden where we grow limes, coconut and pitaya.  Explore our Flavour Garden to see, taste and smell the diverse range of tropical flavours that can be custom blended during our one day chocolate course.

drinks at the rum bar

The Rum Bar

Located in the heart of the main lodge, the Copal Tree Rum Bar is the place to relax and unwind at the end of each day. A central lounge is surrounded by cool shaded decks perched within the jungle canopy. Here you will find complimentary wi-fi, a collection of culinary and botanical books, magazines and games for the occasional rainy day. The bar opens at 11 AM daily. Freshly squeezed juices, coconuts, limes, exotic fruits and fresh herbs are combined with locally made spirits with an emphasis on homegrown Belizean rum. The Lodge’s house-made take on these spirits, Copalli Rum, can be sampled here in abundance. 

The Garden Table

Open-Air Farm to Table Restaurant in the Heart of the Lodge

Using seasonal produce that is always locally sourced, we seek to prepare foods that are culturally significant, fresh, flavorful and satisfying. At the Garden Table, we make everything in house using ingredients grown by our farm team or locally sourced from nearby farmers. We occasionally forage the rainforest for wild foods such as heart of cohune palm, wild herbs, and flavorful leaves and fruits. We invite you to complete your meal with our house-roasted coffee, farm-raised “bean to bar” chocolate and a sampling of our organic Copalli Rums harvested, distilled, and bottled on the property.

Our team can accommodate a variety of diets including vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free or dairy-free. The Garden Table serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Enjoy your time watching the hummingbirds play, the howling monkeys swing, and the birds fly over the canopy.

farm-to-table dining

From Farm to Table

Influenced by the culturally rich Belizean heritage, meals at Copal Tree Lodge, a Muy’Ono Resort, are a blend of Mayan, East Indian, Creole, Garifuna, Latin and Indo-Caribbean inspired fare and are prepared by using traditional and modern cooking techniques. The ingredients, primarily sourced from our farm, offer guests a unique and personal farm-to-table dining experience. We compassionately and organically raise pastured chickens and sheep along with a variety of organic produce including many local staples such as cassava, chaya, callaloo, mangoes, passion fruit and pityia.

Seafood is sourced locally from a team of fishermen who supply us with sustainable fish, conch, lobster and wild shrimp. Doing our part to protect the reefs, we actively support conservation efforts by purchasing lionfish, which is an invasive species, whenever possible.