On-Site Experiences

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Discover the Best of Belize

We invite guests to explore the Lodge and its surrounding 12,000-acre nature reserve through a number of on-site experiences. As a member of the National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World, Copal Tree Lodge is a wonder to explore on its own, and the jungles that surround it offer amazing adventures you can only get in beautiful Belize. Hike through the foothills of the Maya Mountains, tour the nearby Jungle Farm, kayak down the Rio Grande, or breathe the day away at the Yoga Palapa – there are so many choices waiting for you in paradise. 

For the traveling culinarian, the upcoming Rum Camp led by Copalli Rum is a unique experience you can only enjoy here. That’s right, a camp…with rum! From April 22-26, 2020 and May 13-17, 2020, Copal Tree Lodge will host rum lovers from around the world in a true one-of-a-kind immersive experience with Copalli Rum. With a farm tour, distillery tour, chocolate making class, and much more, you will enjoy a litany of on-site experiences offered at the Lodge. When you’re not sipping cocktails or harvesting sugar cane, you’ll relax amongst the jungle in an eco-luxury locale unique to Southern Belize.

experienced local guides


We are proud to produce approximately 70% of the food we serve at the Jungle Farm Restaurant. From our large organic gardens and pasture raised chickens to our lamb pastures, you will enjoy exploring the farm on your own or ask our front desk clerk about a guided tour.

Canoe/Kayak on the Rio Grande

Copal Tree Lodge’s 12,000-acre nature reserve is bordered by the winding Rio Grande River. Its gentle current allows for easy paddling up or downstream. Spot iguanas, howler monkeys, tropical birds, rolling tarpons and crocodiles among the plethora of indigenous jungle creatures. Explore on your own or ask a front desk clerk about a guided kayak adventure.

Sunset Cruise

Spend a relaxing hour on the lush, tropical setting on the Rio Grande enjoying the sunset while sipping on wine or beer and snacks aboard our comfortable, covered 12 seat catamaran. Bring along: bug spray, light clothing.
4:30-6pm, Sunday and Wednesday. Departs from the river dock at 4:45pm.

Onsite Hiking

Copal Tree Lodge has several moderate hiking trails to points of interest throughout the property. Trails on our farm include the Chocolate Trail through our cacao plantation and Sugar Cane Run, which extends around our sugar cane fields outside of the gates. Hiking with a guide at least once is highly recommended as they are overflowing with information on the flora and fauna and are experts at spotting wildlife. Along the trails, you will see birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and tracks of larger nocturnal animals, such as tapirs and jaguars, and various medicinal and edible plants and mushrooms.

Mountain Biking

Our Gary Fisher bikes provide superb maneuverability through the narrow streets of Punta Gorda town. Biking through town offers a unique perspective of the sights and sounds of the area while offering a fun fitness tour. Ask the front desk clerk or a guide for a bike key. Helmets are provided.

Horse Riding

Alvaro, an experienced rider and cowboy leads our Horse Rides on trails through our unique tropical rain forests, cacao plantations, sugarcane fields and other aspects of Copal Tree Lodge Farms. Wending through the cacao plantations and jungle you can catch glimpses of the Rio Grande river. Giant Fig, Ceiba and Gumbo-Limbo trees form the primary canopy, while the massive Cohune Palms used for thatch and tasty palm heart cabbage grow in dense stands. Howler monkeys, parrots, toucans are often spotted on the trails. Alvaro might even be able to point out jaguar, puma and tapir tracks. These animals, while not often seen, leave their imprints in the soft jungle soil. Our horses Jim, Pinto, Queen and Max are very calm and know the trails very well. No riding experience is necessary, but it is helpful to be prepared for high humidity, and possibly some mosquitoes.

Schedule: 08:30 – 09:30/10:30 Monday to Friday

The Jungle Gym

The air-conditioned “Jungle Gym” is located near the river dock where you will find free weights and a bench, a treadmill, multi-gym station, and a stationary bike as well as yoga mats, straps, exercise balls, and resistance bands (on request). For the ultimate workout walk down the 365 stairs to the gym and walk back up – the perfect cardio session.

Yoga Palapa

Our Yoga Palapa sits above the treetops and offers panoramic jungle views. The Yoga Palapa can be accessed by taking the Signature Canopy Suite tram to the top of the overlook. This area is perfect for solo or group workouts. Ask us about hosting a retreat at Copal Tree Lodge.