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Bean to Bar Chocolate Class

Our Bean to Bar Chocolate Class offers visitors to Copal Tree Lodge a very unique opportunity to understand and participate in the entire process of transforming high quality organic cacao into chocolate. Our brand-new Chocolate Workshop is air conditioned and contains state of the art equipment for long-conch professional quality chocolate bars as well as large granite surfaces and traditional volcanic matate for hand tempering and grinding.

The day starts with a visit to our cacao nursery where you will see cacao seeds sprouting and watch our expert hand grafters hard at work grafting rare, indigenous criollo cacao onto heartier high yielding varieties. We’ll crack open a pod and you’ll taste the pulpy, white, fresh cacao fruit. You’ll learn about the fermenting and drying process, walk through our Garden of Exotic Flavours and then, return to the farm centre where we’ll roast some cacao and you’ll see our universal concher churning out smooth, velvety chocolate liquor. Then roll up your sleeves and don an apron and our instructor will guide you as you learn to temper, both by hand and machine and mould your own chocolate bar to take home.

Schedule: Daily Monday to Friday, Saturdays or Sundays are based on request

$ 70 US/per person

Coffee Cupping

Join us at our coffee bar for an in-depth coffee tasting, or “cupping”;. The most important measure of coffee quality is flavour and we have sourced the best Central America has to offer. The main aim in cupping is to evaluate the coffee objectively and to create a flavour profile based on an established terminology. The basic attributes evaluated are: aroma, flavour, body and acidity. Your cupping journey will be led by our resident coffee expert.

Schedule: Daily on request and subject to availability

$ 45 US/per person

Cocktail Mixology Class

Let our resident experts in the art of mixing cocktails show you how to combine our farm fresh ingredients with an array of Caribbean rums or local spirits.

Schedule: Daily on request and subject to availability

$ 45 US/per person