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Belize is a hotspot for birding, as it is right in the middle of the migratory route of most Northern & Southern American species. Its diverse habitats are home to hundreds of Tropical and Neotropical  species. Our guides are avid bird watchers and love to show our guests all the birds that call Copal Tree home. They have been mentored by some of the region’s leading experts, including noted ornithologist and author of the “Birds of Belize” Dr. Lee Jones, demonstrating a remarkable depth of avian knowledge.

“We spent 4 nights earlier this month at the Copal Tree Lodge. The food was top notch and the venue was outstanding. However, our 3 days birding with Emmanuel Chan exceeded all of the above. My wife (an avid birder) identified 126 different species during our visit, under “Chan’s” expert guidance. We are already looking forward to our return visit to discover more birds withe one of the premier birders in Southern Belize!” -Tim, Connecticut

birding in belize

Intro to Birding

If you have never been bird watching, you will get great pleasure on a morning walk around the grounds with one of our certified birding guides. An outing with a knowledgeable guide generates new awareness for the rich diversity of life in the jungle. Learn how focus your binoculars and spot native and migratory species and listen for the commonly seen birds around the property. Copal Tree Lodge offers one of the most reliable places to see the rare Ornate Hawk-eagle, which nests in the giant Ceiba trees at the lodge and patrols its territory daily. Chances are you’ll even spot a toucan!

Schedule: 6:30-7:30am, Tuesday and Friday. Alternative days on request

A Half or Full Day of Bird Watching

A full day birding is an exploration of the best of what Copal Tree Lodge has to offer. Meandering around our grounds, in the jungle and along the river’s edge you will have the opportunity to see some of the broadest ranges of species the region has to offer. From soaring Raptors to Kingfishers, Trogans, Euphonias, Hummingbirds, Herons, Manikins and Parrots, count on a Big Day!

Schedule: Based on request.